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Innovating Education in Europe

Students in Europe are seeing the blessings of a gospel-based education

Thousands of miles away from a Church university campus, PathwayConnect is bringing education to students all across Europe. Students are seeing their lives change as they seize the opportunity they have been waiting for.

Four students from countries in Europe share the blessings and lessons of PathwayConnect that have left a lasting impact in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Khennya Castel - Learning English

Khennya Castel
Khennya Castel

Many European students are attracted to PathwayConnect because of the opportunity to improve their English in a short amount of time. Khennya Castel, a student from Great Britain whose native language is Portuguese, enjoyed learning English through sharing her testimony, studying talks from general conference, and having discussions at weekly PathwayConnect gatherings while only speaking English. Khennya now feels better prepared to accept callings in the Church and teach others.

“PathwayConnect blessed my life in so many ways! I love the opportunity to study church principles in English because as it improved my English, it has also improved my faith.”

Julie Kittelson - Supporting Family

Julie Kittelson
Julie Kittelson (right)

In Europe, PathwayConnect appeals to parents as a way to become self-reliant. The curriculum helps students bless their families with the benefits of a higher education. Julie Kittelson, a student in Norway, noticed that as her relationship with her Heavenly Father deepened, her relationships with family and friends improved. Julie learned to teach her children the principles she learned in PathwayConnect, and she feels better prepared to support her family with her education.

“My relationship with my husband became noticeably strengthened, and my opportunities to serve my family are immense because I was prepared to teach them what I had learned.”

Cecilia Wie - Improving Life Skills

Cecilia Wie
Cecilia Wie

PathwayConnect’s Life Skills course prepares European students to gain valuable tools — such as time management, goal setting, and budgeting — which influence students in areas of their lives other than academics. Cecilia Wie, another student in Norway, feels like every member of the Church would benefit from PathwayConnect. During the Life Skills course, Cecilia strengthened her relationship with her husband.

“Through PathwayConnect I have set goals that have helped me be more confident in class, and goals that have strengthened my marriage.”

Olga Frolova - Growing Spiritually

Olga Frolova
Olga Frolova

PathwayConnect gives European students the chance to obtain a gospel education, something many long to have. The fast growth of the program has made that possible for students like Olga Frolova from Latvia. Olga has already earned a master's degree, but felt prompted to join PathwayConnect because it was the opportunity to receive an education from a Church-sponsored university. Because of her experience in PathwayConnect, Olga now feels an increased spiritual preparedness for life.

“I feel more spiritual and more prepared for life, and I believe that is the key to success.”

Continuous Blessings

Despite the geographic barrier, hundreds of students throughout Europe are getting the chance to accomplish their goals and experience the blessings of a Church education. PathwayConnect’s Europe and Europe East area manager, Matt Richards, said, “Our graduates emerge as true disciples of Jesus Christ who know how to receive and respond to revelation in their personal lives, in their families, and in their professional and Church assignments.”

PathwayConnect in Europe will continue to pour blessings into the lives of these students and leave everlasting impacts that will influence future generations.

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