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A Second Chance for Education: My Journey with BYU-Pathway

BYU-Pathway Worldwide was what Andrea had been waiting for her whole life


I never finished high school while I was growing up in Argentina. My mother was raising four kids all by herself. I was the youngest but felt a responsibility to quit school and work so we could have a second income.

I eventually got married and became a mom. Every time I wanted to start school, it never felt like the right time, but when I heard about BYU-Pathway Worldwide , I felt prompted to act immediately. What I’d been waiting for my whole life was here — finally.

Witnessing miracles along the way

Andrea Lamb in a costume at Walt Disney World
Andrea working at Walt Disney World.

When I enrolled in BYU-Pathway, I’d just started a new job working at Walt Disney World in Florida, USA. But there was a problem: I was scheduled to work the same night as my PathwayConnect gatherings. I couldn’t give up my job, and I didn’t want to give up my education, so I decided that the best (and only) option was to pray and ask God for His help. I knew He was aware of my desires, so I asked Him for a miracle that would allow me to attend the gatherings.

After that prayer, I witnessed several miracles. I consistently found someone to switch my shift on the day of the gathering, I’d have the day off, or my manager would work with me to find someone to cover for me. I did my part, and I left it in Heavenly Father’s hands.

My PathwayConnect gathering family

Andrea with her gathering group
Andrea with her gathering group and her service missionaries, Elder and Sister Grahams.

Gatherings consisted of meeting with other students for activities, discussions, and building relationships — they became one of my favorite parts of PathwayConnect! I grew so close to my gathering family. I know that God intended for each of us to be in that group together. Many people were open about the trials they were facing. We grew to love one another, and we became true friends. The opportunities to share not only our life experiences but also our testimonies helped us to feel like we were being watched over by our loving Heavenly Father.

Andrea in phlebotomy training.
Andrea went on to complete additional phlebotomy training.

As I completed my foundational PathwayConnect courses, I was overjoyed to learn I had been accepted to continue my online degree program from BYU-Idaho, supported by BYU-Pathway, in applied health . I love to help people, and I was intrigued to learn all about health. I completed my first certificate in community health planning and implementation .*

I’m closer to getting my second certificate and halfway to earning my bachelor’s degree. All of my courses have been amazing. I have gained a lot of knowledge, self-esteem, and confidence. It’s easier to say “yes” to things like Church callings and things I didn’t know I could do. Something I never thought would be possible is finally becoming a reality because of the divine program that is BYU-Pathway.

Andrea holding his first certificate
Andrea got her first certificate in 2022.

This program has blessed me and my family spiritually. Since I’m always studying, connecting with lessons, and watching devotionals, my home is more peaceful because of it. My children see me as an example that it is never too late to learn and grow. Trusting Heavenly Father has given me the confidence to accomplish many things. I know that He has my back, and if I put my trust in Him, everything will be okay.

To those who may find themselves in similar circumstances — whether English is not their first language or they didn’t finish school for whatever reason — no matter the challenges or barriers, just keep trying; if I can do it, you can do it too.

I will forever be grateful for my second chance to better myself through education. It has truly changed my life for the better.

*This certificate is now called community and environmental health. Learn more about this certificate and others on BYU-Pathway’s degree web page .

Contributor: Yessica Cardona