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A Passion for BYU-Pathway: From Student to Service Missionary

After finding success through BYU-Pathway, Roland now encourages students through their own educational journeys as a service missionary

Roland Nepay

Roland Nepay’s journey to BYU-Pathway Worldwide began by reading the graduation experiences of students in Nigeria. He wondered what the program could do for his education and career. “If it does come to Liberia,” he said, “I will be one of the first who will participate in the program.” And he was! The following year (2019), Roland was able to enroll.

An answer to a prayer

A man stands with his wife and two young children
Roland Nepay with his family

Returning to school was difficult for Roland after serving as a full-time missionary, starting his first job, and getting married. He knew that school would help him get a better job, but the universities in Liberia required him to be in the classroom for long hours. As soon as BYU-Pathway became available in his country, he enrolled, giving him the flexibility he needed to keep his job and support his family.

“BYU-Pathway was exactly the answer to my prayers," he said. "It makes my life so balanced.”

Roland’s experience and new communication and analytical skills improved significantly, helping him to advance in his current job.

“Implementing what I’ve been doing with BYU-Pathway in my job has boosted me and my opportunities," he said. "I would not have had these opportunities so fast — in less than two years — to reach where I am today.”

Passion to serve others

A man types on his laptop
Roland is passionate about his studies.

Roland’s passion and zeal for BYU-Pathway was evident to everyone around him, including the missionary couple that served his PathwayConnect gathering group. Knowing his answer would be an energetic yes, they invited him to become a service missionary for BYU-Pathway.

“My favorite part about being a missionary is reaching out to the students. Helping them makes me feel like a shepherd,” Roland said. "I really want them all to experience a high-quality education at an affordable price.”

Recently, 28 of his students were admitted into online degree programs.

An invitation to come and see

A man holds his two BYU-Idaho certificates
Roland earned certificates in commercial fundamentals and entrepreneurship.

Roland experienced many blessings and spiritual growth through BYU-Pathway, including an advancement in his current job, improved skills, and a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ.

To those who may be unsure about BYU-Pathway, Roland says, “It’s okay to be afraid. But everything you’re looking for to become successful, you can find that in BYU-Pathway. They blend the spiritual and the educational aspect. It makes you a disciple leader of Jesus Christ.”

Roland’s invitation to the world is clear: “Come and try the program. See for yourself. It may not be exactly what you expect, but as you persevere, your eyes will open and you’ll see exactly what others have been seeing.”

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Contributor: Rachel Peterson