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The Greatest Gift: A Living Prophet

We can deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ this Christmas season as we listen to God’s living prophet

A carved nativity set
Christmastime is a season of giving. One of the gifts Heavenly Father gives to His children is a prophet who leads and directs us. During the First Presidency Christmas Devotional , President Russell M. Nelson, the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shared guidance for us to follow as the year finishes.

Understand the Savior’s love for you

President Russell M. Nelson
President Russell M. Nelson
Because of the Savior’s Atonement, He knows the trials you’re going through 1 and each effort you make to overcome them. As President Nelson explained, “He has perfect compassion for your struggles, and rejoices every time you press forward in righteousness, during good times and bad.” 2
Russell M. Nelson, “‘Come, Let Us Adore Him’,” (First Presidency Christmas Devotional, Dec. 3, 2023)

Gain your own witness of the Savior

The Savior invites us to learn about and follow Him. 3 He is full of godly power that can help, strengthen, and heal us as we develop faith in Him and His Atonement. Each time we pray, read the scriptures, take the sacrament, and attend the temple, we show our willingness to know Jesus Christ deeply and personally.

Take advantage of the Savior’s Atonement

We celebrate the Savior’s birth because we understand the purpose of His life and mission: to save us from physical and spiritual death. We use the Savior’s Atonement when we choose to make changes in our lives — big or small — to come closer to Jesus Christ. As we do so, we also gain strength to endure and conquer life’s challenges.

Jesus Christ smiling at a man.
Jesus Christ can support us during any circumstances.

Deepen your personal worship

Jesus Christ is the greatest champion of your success. “No one on this earth loves you as much as He does,” President Nelson said. “No one here is more eager for you to become everything you can become.” 4
Russell M. Nelson, “‘Come, Let Us Adore Him’,” (First Presidency Christmas Devotional, Dec. 3, 2023)
As we remember the Savior’s example in our personal study and day-to-day interactions with others, we will naturally become more like Him.

President Brian K. Ashton said, “We can give ourselves a gift of personal and spiritual growth by following the counsel of the prophet. I invite you to pray about what you can do to better listen to the prophet’s words this Christmas season. As you follow God’s chosen servants, you and your family will be blessed.”