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Patriarchal Blessings: Personal Direction from God to You

Discover how you can receive personal guidance from God to help you through life’s choices and challenges

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What is a patriarchal blessing?

A close-up crop of The Liahona by Arnold Friberg
God can guide you just like He guided Lehi’s family through the wilderness with the Liahona.

In the Book of Mormon, the Lord gave Lehi and his family a divine compass called the Liahona to help guide them safely through the wilderness. It directed them according to their faith and obedience. Similarly, Heavenly Father provides us with patriarchal blessings to better understand our divine identity as one of His sons or daughters and to help guide us through decisions and challenges.

A patriarchal blessing is a special, individualized blessing of counsel from God. Any worthy, baptized member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can receive one. The blessing is given by a patriarch in the Church and is filled with God’s love and direction for your life.

A patriarchal blessing is sacred and personal: it may describe your talents, give you warnings, and help you know what blessings can be yours as you are faithful to God and His commandments. You also receive a written copy of your patriarchal blessing so you can review it often and remember God’s promises to you.

How can a patriarchal blessing help me?

Here are three of the many things your blessing can give you:

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Prepare yourself spiritually to receive your patriarchal blessing.

Heavenly Father wants us to have joy throughout our life. Patriarchal blessings can help us know what choices will bring us and our family lasting happiness.

Spiritual power
Elder Randall K. Bennett shared, “Frequently studying my patriarchal blessing increased my desire to withstand temptation. It helped me have the desire and courage to repent, and repentance increasingly became a joyful process.”

Patriarchal blessings help you realize and feel how much Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love you and know you individually.

What happens if a promise made in your patriarchal blessing doesn’t happen? Elder Kazuhiko Yamnashita reassured us, “A patriarchal blessing is eternal, and if you live worthy, promises that are not fulfilled in this life will be granted in the next.”

When should I get a patriarchal blessing?

You should receive your patriarchal blessing when you feel ready. Take time to pray and ask Heavenly Father when you should receive one. If you want more of God’s direction in your life, you can start preparing to receive your blessing by talking to your bishop.

Direction from heaven

Akono Jerome
Akono’s patriarchal blessing gave him confidence to pursue education.

Akono Jerome, from Cameroon, learned how personal patriarchal blessings after returning home from his mission. He wanted to enroll in BYU-Pathway Worldwide, but self-doubt stopped him: he believed receiving a university degree was impossible because he didn’t finish high school and had limited resources.

Akono felt inspired to look at his patriarchal blessing that said, “Educate yourself in the best books and in the best schools.” He realized that the Lord was giving him a chance to learn with BYU-Pathway, and that he needed faith to accept it. “The Lord had really prepared my way.”

Although Akono still faced challenges while studying, God put people and opportunities in his path that helped him overcome his initial doubts. Akono’s now continuing his studies and working toward his bachelor’s degree.

Just like Heavenly Father was aware of Akono’s desire for education, Heavenly Father is aware of you. Whether you’re handling school, work, or whatever else, you can receive direction from your patriarchal blessing that will bless you throughout your life.

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