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How You Can Seek Holiness — and Why You Should

Sister Nelson’s important question can change the way you make decisions

President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy Watson waving to audience members in the conference center.
“What would a holy young adult do?” Sister Wendy Nelson asked at a young adult devotional. “What would be on her ‘to-do’ list? How would he [or she] talk with a friend? or shop, or play, or pray, or do laundry, or read to a child? What would a holy young adult listen to or say? write or read? watch or wear?”

Sister Nelson listed a dozen ways we can ask ourselves “What would a holy young adult do?” Whether you’re a young adult or you have a few more years of life and wisdom, considering her questions and advice can help you open the door to greater holiness in your life.

What does it mean to be holy?

The doors of the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo temple with the words “Holiness to the Lord” written in French over them.
“Holiness to the Lord” written in French over the doors of the Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo temple.
Holy can mean “Sacred, having a godly character, or spiritually and morally pure.” 1
Guide to the Scriptures, "Holy,"
Holiness is most connected to the temple — the phrase “Holiness to the Lord” is visible on the outside of every temple — and to the home, which we know is the only place on earth that “can compare with the temple in sacredness.” 2
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President James E. Faust taught that “Holiness is the strength of the soul. It comes by faith and through obedience to God’s laws and ordinances.” 3
James E. Faust, "Standing in Holy Places,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2005, 62
Through our efforts, we can make our lives and our homes sacred like the temple.

Why are we trying to seek holiness?

“Jesus Christ … has made it very clear that He wants you and me to become increasingly holy,” Sister Nelson said.

Two dirt paths going through the forest.
Holiness helps us choose the correct path.

So why is holiness so important? Being holy helps us make better choices and reach our eternal goals. President Faust said, “When holiness is achieved by conforming to God’s will, one knows intuitively that which is wrong and that which is right before the Lord.”

Would you love to make good decisions that positively impact your life? Striving for greater holiness is the key!

How can we seek holiness?

Sister Nelson’s questions are an excellent way to evaluate your personal holiness. She invited, “In just one situation a day for each of three days, ask yourself, ‘What would a holy young adult do?’ And then follow through with the answer.” Those little steps will build up over time and form habits that help you become holier.

In one situation a day, ask yourself, “What would a holy young adult do?”

In your life, you might ask, “How would a holy young adult prioritize education?” How about, “What would a holy young adult do to be honest in their schoolwork?” Or maybe, “How would a holy young adult prepare to lead a gathering?”

Wendy Nelson speaking at pulpit.

We don’t have to be perfect right away. Progress takes time. But Sister Nelson promised this: “As you live your life in crescendo, trying to be just a little more holy day by day and quickly repenting when you mess up, you will find joy in this life and eternal life in the world to come.”

Have you followed Sister Nelson’s invitation? Share your experiences below!