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Have a Great Nephi Day

Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions — but the Lord will always prepare a way

A change in name, a change in address, and a change in online education. The announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide meant change.

It can be hard to get excited about change, but BYU-Pathway’s employees are happy to pioneer this transition. Through my own experiences and observing the diligence of our employees, I have come to know that we can do hard things.

I Can Do Hard Things

Nephi’s courage has inspired BYU-Pathway employees to follow in his footsteps and do hard things.

This sense of change could be felt by employees as they conversed about the move from Rexburg, Idaho, to Salt Lake City, Utah . Many had questions about how this would affect their families — Where would we live? When should we make the move? What will my children think when I tell them the news?

The day after the announcement of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, I was still struggling with the thought of moving my family to Salt Lake City, Utah. We had discussed it as a family the night of the announcement, and we were all filled with mixed emotions. The anxiety and uncertainty was still with us that next morning as I was dropping my youngest daughter off at school. When I drop her off, we have a routine we typically stick to — I drive up, we exchange a hug, she hops out, and she walks into school. But on this particular day, something different happened.

Instead of getting out of the car right away, she grabbed onto the back of the front seats and leaned forward to look at me and say, “Daddy, you love your job. You have to go to Utah with Pathway!” After she got out of the car I broke into tears. I was deeply touched to see her devotion in following the Lord.

On my way to work the following morning, my wife stopped to tell me, “Have a great Nephi day!” As I pondered more on her quick and inspired thought, I was reminded of the story of Nephi and his family being asked to leave their home to follow the Lord’s commandments. Even though Nephi had to leave a place he loved, he exclaimed, “I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded.” 1 Just like Nephi, we can be happy about change and doing hard things.
J.D. Griffith and his family

I Will Go and Do

I am not the only one who has been having these experiences. I am inspired by the willingness of our employees in facing this change with excitement and open minds as they prepare to make the move. They are all saying “I will go and do” in their own ways as they realize they can do hard things, too.

It can be difficult to move a family to a new location, to go back to school while raising children, to overcome addiction, or to confront the many other challenges that PathwayConnect students face — but I know the Lord will always prepare a way. He is taking care of us through all of life’s trials.

BYU-Pathway employees pause their eager discussions about the transition to take a photo together.

Nephi’s example inspired BYU-Pathway employees to do hard things. Through PathwayConnect, students around the world have found increased faith and self-confidence to do hard things. Learn how PathwayConnect can change your life and apply today!