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Give The Gift Of Gratitude This Christmas

Remember Christ this season by giving a present unlike any other


Christmas is a season for friends, family, and, oftentimes, gifts! Giving gifts allows us to express love and appreciation. Before He gave the ultimate gift of His Atonement, Christ was given many gifts throughout His life. Some were material — like gold, frankincense, and myrrh — but after healing a leper, Christ was given the subtle, precious gift of gratitude.

This Christmas season — and always — know that President Brian and Sister Melinda Ashton, as well as instructors, service missionaries, mentors, and employees at BYU-Pathway Worldwide, are grateful for you!

President Ashton said, “Our beloved brothers and sisters, we love you. You are a gift in our lives! We are cheering you on wherever you are in the world. We are so grateful for your efforts to improve yourselves and your relationship with Jesus Christ.

“We testify that Jesus Christ is the only Begotten Son of our Heavenly Father, that He was born in Bethlehem, lived a perfect life, suffered for our sins, and died and was resurrected. All of our blessings come because of Jesus Christ. Because of Him we can have joy in this life and eternal life with our families. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and feel the Savior’s love!”

You can give the gift of gratitude too! What or whom are you grateful for this Christmas? Hear how accepting President Russell M. Nelson’s challenge to express gratitude blessed your fellow BYU-Pathway students.

“As we take time to pause and reflect upon our life, we will find that there are so many things that we are blessed with. Giving thanks helps me feel more hope because gratitude pushes us to look forward to a better tomorrow, making us better individuals today.”

— Ada Jezrael Mendiola, Philippines

“Amidst the many reasons to feel afraid and uncertain about the future, giving thanks pointed me to many blessings I have received. Through those blessings, I know Heavenly Father’s love is infinite enough to take care of the future.”

— Obiesia John-jaja, Nigeria

“Giving thanks was a powerful experience for me. Every day I would get up to write and share with others my reasons to thank God. It really helped me deal with my depression. I felt blessed, and my negative feelings and sadness left me during those days.”

— Camila Caza, Ecuador

“None of us can do it alone, but with the help of our Heavenly Father, it can be done. He will fight for us if we ask Him. He will bless us if we remain faithful, obedient, and grateful. He will help us through ANYTHING.”

— Pamela Crouse, Ohio, USA