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Getting the Gospel "Deep in Our Hearts"

Find out how the purposes of BYU-Pathway can help students follow Jesus Christ

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the key to lifelong learning and joyful living. In his general conference message, Brother Douglas D. Holmes said, “The Lord is trying to help us … get His gospel deeper in our hearts. I promise, as we focus on these principles — relationships, revelation, agency, repentance, and sacrifice — the gospel of Jesus Christ will sink deeper in all our hearts.” 1
Douglas D. Holmes, “Deep in Our Heart,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2020

BYU‑Pathway’s guiding purpose is to get the gospel down into students’ hearts. The principles Brother Holmes shared can help us understand how to do this.


Building fulfilling, positive relationships is essential to our progression in life and in education. To help meet this need, BYU‑Pathway is designed to prepare students to lead and support their families.

Family on the Beach
BYU-Pathway prepares students to lead and support their families.

BYU‑Pathway does this by helping students improve their employment, teaching money and time management skills, and encouraging effective communication. Students also choose a flexible, online course schedule that allows them to focus on family relationships while pursuing education.

Brother Holmes said, “Because they are such a natural part of the Church of Jesus Christ, we sometimes forget the importance of relationships in our ongoing journey to Christ.… We need love and support from parents, other family members, friends, and leaders who are also walking the path.” 2


Connecting with others is important, but it is especially important to connect with heaven. Revelation is communication from God to His children. Learning how to receive revelation can help students become capable learners, which is another purpose of BYU‑Pathway.

As President Russell M. Nelson promised, “Through the manifestations of the Holy Ghost, the Lord will assist us in all our righteous pursuits.... Choose to do the spiritual work required to enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost and hear the voice of the Spirit more frequently and more clearly.” 3
Russell M. Nelson, “Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2018
The gift of the Holy Ghost can help us receive revelation to assist us in all our righteous pursuits, including higher education!


We build a strong foundation by connecting with our loved ones through relationships and our Heavenly Father through revelation, but that can only get us so far. We need to exercise our agency and resolve to act.

Dane Warnick and Family
Dane and his mother, Lisa

One young adult, Dane Warnick , found himself distanced from Heavenly Father and his family. Frustrated with past educational experiences, he worried that he wouldn’t succeed in university courses. After enrolling in BYU‑Pathway Worldwide, Dane said, “I felt like [BYU‑Pathway] was helping me progress.… It helped me get back in tune with the Spirit and with my testimony that had always been there. I can always keep improving and pushing myself to learn new things.”

Dane’s resolve to act helped him find blessings of purpose, spiritual growth, and the education that would qualify him for better work.

Repentance and Sacrifice

Repentance is progress, or changing for the better. Brother Holmes explained, “We must choose repentance for ourselves. We do this by receiving the word of God through the Holy Ghost and allowing Christ to change us into the best version of ourselves.”

Part of making changes is setting aside what we have or want for something better. For BYU‑Pathway students, this might be as simple as sacrificing some free time to pursue education. Remember, those who repent and sacrifice for the gospel of Jesus Christ will always be rewarded with blessings from heaven.

BYU‑Pathway is much more than a way to earn certificates and degrees — it's an opportunity for us to develop as disciples of Jesus Christ so we can improve our lives, strengthen our families, and build our communities. Continuing repentance, along with our resolve, revelation, and relationships, will help us to get the gospel deep into our hearts.