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The Power of Daily Scripture Study

There’s always time for the blessings that come from daily scripture study


One of the biggest blessings of attending a school offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the combination of secular and spiritual learning. In addition to the gospel-related material incorporated into coursework, spiritual experiences at home are also vital to personal growth. One of the best ways to have spiritual experiences at home is by diligently studying the scriptures.

Personal study in addition to your classes

In your religious course work, you have the opportunity to learn more about the scriptures and how to apply those teachings to your life. While getting to share what you’ve learned with other students is a testimony-strengthening experience, personal study invites personal revelation. The answers to specific questions for your own life are most likely to be found by seeking personal revelation.

It’s a blessing to have unlimited access to the scriptures and messages on and the Gospel Library app that uplift and inspire. Take advantage of the opportunity to study the words of prophets, ancient and modern, in addition to your course work. The more you study, the more revelation and light you will invite into your life!

Elder Bruce R. McConkie
Elder Bruce R. McConkie taught, “People who study the scriptures add a dimension to their lives that nobody else gets and that can’t be gained in any way except by studying the scriptures. There’s an increase in faith and a desire to do what’s right and a feeling of inspiration and understanding that can’t come in any other way.” 1
Bruce R. McConkie, “Teachings of Latter-day Prophets on the Blessings of Scripture Study,” New Testament Class Member Study Guide (1997), 27–28

Dedicate a specific time

Part of having successful scripture study each day is dedicating time for it. It’s easy to lose track of time during school — you may be lying in bed after a long day before you realize you forgot to study the scriptures.

Making scripture study the most important part of your daily schedule ensures it won’t get lost in other tasks. You might do this by waking up earlier in the morning and making it the first thing you do, or you could even study during your lunch break at work.

Whatever the time, being consistent will ensure it gets done.

President Howard W. Hunter
President Howard W. Hunter said, “When we follow the counsel of our leaders to read and study the scriptures, benefits and blessings of many kinds come to us. This is the most profitable of all study in which we could engage.” 2
Howard W. Hunter, “Reading the Scriptures,” Ensign, Oct. 1979

Share what you’re experiencing with others

You will learn a lot as you dive into the scriptures each day. As your testimony is strengthened, you will have the potential to impact others as you share what you’re learning with them. Plus, sharing your thoughts and impressions can be a great conversation-starter with your family and friends.

President M. Russell Ballard
President M. Russell Ballard said, “Studying the gospel and sharing it daily can be accomplished by anyone with or without an official call. Please remember that it doesn’t take a name tag to do missionary work!” 3
3. M. Russell Ballard, “Questions and Answers” (Brigham Young University devotional, Nov. 14, 2017)

Promised Blessings from God

There are innumerable blessings that come from daily scripture study, the most important of which is feeling the Spirit on a daily basis. As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we know how much happier we are when we “feast upon the words of Christ.” 4 Taking the time to read the scriptures shows God that hearing from Him is a priority for you, which can bring more blessings than you could ever imagine.