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7 Ways Education Can Increase Your Connection With God

Education gives us the opportunity to come closer to our Father in heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ

As we follow the commandment to seek learning, we will be able to feel the Spirit in our lives as we progress through this journey. At BYU-Pathway Worldwide, we understand that having a strong connection with God is important. That’s why our curriculum is centered around gospel principles and doctrines.

Here are 7 ways education can increase your connection with God:

1. Understanding Spiritual and Temporal Teachings

Christ Knocking on a Door
“Ask, and ye shall receive.”

“…they that seek the Lord understand all things.” – Proverbs 28:5

In a world with so much confusion, it is easy to become misguided. The Lord has counseled us to seek knowledge and understanding in every subject, whether it be mathematics, politics, or the gospel of Jesus Christ. As you seek a better understanding, especially in spiritual topics, you will grow closer to the Lord.

2. Asking Questions and Receiving Answers

“…ask, and ye shall receive, knock, and it shall be opened unto you….” – 3 Nephi 27:29

In the journey of gaining an education, there are many things you do not yet know. There will be questions on tests that seem impossible to answer and discussion board topics that are hard to understand. It is important that you ask. Your Heavenly Father wants you to learn and grow. He wants you to ask Him questions — and if you do, He will answer them. Whether you are struggling to understand a scientific formula or the purpose of a trial in your life, asking God for help will bring you closer to Him.

3. Accepting Your Imperfections

“Therefore… let us go on unto perfection…” – Hebrews 6:1

It is easy to compare grades with your peers or put yourself down after doing less than satisfactory on a writing assignment. During these times, it is crucial to remember that Jesus Christ was the only perfect being to walk on this Earth, and at this point in our lives we can only strive for perfection by utilizing the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our studies and in our everyday lives. You should be sure not to neglect your families or other responsibilities to get a perfect grade on a test. Make plans to do your best to succeed without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself or your family.

BYU Pathway Students Teaching One Another
BYU-Pathway students gather weekly to teach one another.

4. Working Together to Come Closer to God

“…Seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom…” – D&C 109:7

The second step of the Learning Model is to Teach One Another. In teaching one another, you have the opportunity to work with classmates, understand new concepts, and share insights that you have gained. As you do this, you can come to treat others with the same love God has for them.

5. Learning From Past Mistakes

“Learning the lessons of the past allows you to walk boldly in the light…” – Elder Ballard

Perhaps procrastination got the best of you last semester, or maybe you haven’t put as much time into your studies as you should have. Going forward, remember the things that worked for you and the things that didn’t. If you should have taken more time to study for a quiz, dedicate more study time in the future. This principle can and should be applied into every aspect of your life, not just schooling. As you seek to learn from past experiences, you will find yourself progressing toward God in a more meaningful way.

Christ Gathered with Little Children
“Become as a little child.” Photo Credit: LDS Media Library.

6. Becoming As a Little Child

“…If they humble themselves before me… then will I make weak things become strong unto them…” – Ether 12:27

Learning requires humility — humility to ask questions, seek understanding, and realize there are things in life that you may not yet understand. As you seek humility in education and in life, you will come to better understand how God teaches you and how you can learn and grow. In doing so, you will come closer to Him.

7. Laying Your Burdens Upon the Lord

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee…” – Psalm 55:22

School can get stressful, especially once exams start. An important truth to remember is that what matters to you also matters to God. Rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ to help you get through the hard times and difficult assignments. As you do this, you will feel a stronger relationship with Christ and our Father in Heaven as you rely on them throughout your schooling and your life.

Connect With God Through BYU-Pathway

Seeking education can be a fun and spiritual experience — at BYU-Pathway, we try to make it that way. To learn more about how BYU-Pathway Worldwide can bring you closer to God and your degree, visit to apply today!