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A Sound Mind

We have the tools to turn our fears into faith

At a quick glance, it can be easy to fear challenges that come our way. We may feel overwhelmed by our responsibilities or discouraged by difficult trials. When we experience doubts and uncertainty, we can find strength in the Apostle Paul’s words: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 1

Using sources of power

Family Visiting the Temple
Our fears can lessen as we access the power of Jesus Christ.

As we learn to access the tools God has given us, we can turn our fears into faith-filled action. Feelings of failure will turn into accomplishment, the unknown will turn into possibilities, and doubts will turn into peace. These tools are sources of power that can help us move forward:

  • Jesus Christ and His Atonement
  • Priesthood power
  • Scriptures
  • Prayer
  • Temple ordinances
  • Covenants

When we apply these tools in our lives, we can receive opportunities to feel the Spirit and come closer to Jesus Christ.

Charity endureth all things

Ever heard that “love conquers all?” We can face our fears when we show love to others — and ourselves — perhaps by helping a peer who doesn’t understand an assignment, being a friend to someone who seems lonely, or being patient with ourselves when we make a mistake.

Christ is our greatest example of charity. His pure love for all of God’s children was so great that He suffered for our sins so we wouldn’t have to if we repent. 2 His love gave Him the power to perform the work He had to do. Sometimes schoolwork, jobs, and other responsibilities can feel burdensome, but we can follow the example of the Savior when hard things come our way.

Having a deep love for others allows us to “endure all things.”

Woman in the Mountains
A clear mind can help us move forward in faith.

Acting as agents

God has given us the ability to act as agents rather than be objects who are acted upon. 3 This means that we can choose how we react to our circumstances rather than allowing our circumstances to define us.

When challenges come our way, we might feel like we have no control over them. But when we find ourselves in this situation, we can remember we have the power to act! Consider trying the following exercises to help clear your head:

  • Take deep breaths
  • Do a mental scan of your body and relax any places you feel tension
  • Pay attention to the details around you, such as what you see, hear, and smell
  • Vividly picture a place that helps you feel calm, peaceful, and happy
  • Pray, read the scriptures, or attend the temple or temple grounds

When our minds are clear, we can seek more focused answers to our questions. The Spirit can also guide us to the things that will help us find rest from our fears, correct negative thinking, receive an assurance that things will work out, and direct us to solutions for our situation.

The faith to overcome

Jesus Christ Calming the Storm
Jesus Christ can calm our troubled minds and bring us peace.

When life gets overwhelming or circumstances seem uncertain, do not fear. God has given us power, love, and the ability to find peace during our challenges in life. As we seek to do our best while putting our faith in the Lord, we will experience a great calm and the Savior’s words will ring true: “Peace, be still.” 4