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3 Ways BYU-Pathway Improves Careers

Discover how higher education can improve your employment opportunities

Pathway - Hailee Morgan

Tired of feeling held back from that dream job because of limited education opportunities? It doesn’t have to be that way forever! BYU-Pathway offers PathwayConnect, a one-year, low-cost, online program that has led hundreds of students to the employment they have always wanted.

Here are just three different ways BYU-Pathway is improving careers for students worldwide.

1. Opens the door to new employment opportunities

Michael Lima Alves, a former BYU-Pathway student from Brazil
After Michael completed the online degree program, he found his dream job and increased his income.

According to , 38 percent of employers have raised their educational requirements and expectations when hiring new employees. This can be frustrating for those who have not pursued higher education. Luckily, BYU-Pathway helps students become college-ready and leads them to BYU-Idaho online certificate and degree programs, presented and coordinated through BYU-Pathway.

Michael Lima Alves, a former BYU-Pathway student from Brazil, dreamed of becoming a software engineer. Once he completed PathwayConnect and began studying in the BYU-Idaho online degree program, he was offered his dream job and quadrupled his income.

“I was nervous to start working at first, but I was able to handle several big tasks at once,” Michael said. “The company recognized my hard work and talents. They were so pleased with what I was doing that they offered me a promotion! I know BYU-Pathway and BYU-Idaho have given me this blessing in my life.”

2. Leads to promotions or raises at work

John Strachan driving a Christmas themed bus
John Strachan (driving bus) received promotions at work because of the skills he gained.

Many students who enroll in BYU-Pathway may already have a job they enjoy, but lacking higher education could be stopping them from earning a promotion or getting a raise. The skills learned through online courses can equip students with the knowledge they need to progress in the workplace.

John Strachan , a former BYU-Pathway student from Canada, was able to apply the teachings from his courses directly to his job. Because his work ethic improved as he successfully completed assigned tasks, John was given more responsibilities and now has the opportunity to advance in his career.

“BYU-Pathway has opened doors to advance my education and, most importantly, the ability to advance with my current employer,” John said. “Each course in BYU-Pathway has been a blessing in my professional development.”

3. Provides students with valuable job skills

Elvis Aruhor, a former BYU-Pathway and BYU-Idaho Online student
BYU-Pathway allowed Elvis to earn a bachelor’s degree and start his own business.

BYU-Pathway courses help students gain several marketable job skills, including leadership, written and verbal communication, self-reliance, and English speaking. These skills provide students with the experience necessary to build a marketable resume, communicate in job interviews, and even start their own business if desired.

Elvis Aruhor , a former BYU-Pathway and BYU-Idaho Online student, started his own business and improved his lifestyle thanks to the skills he learned and applied during BYU-Pathway.

“BYU-Pathway gave me life-transforming skills. It inspired me to take my future into my own hands and finish my education online,” Elvis said. “I wanted to receive world-class education to take on my future career goals, and that’s exactly what BYU-Pathway gave me.”

Improve your career with BYU-Pathway

Don’t let your education hold you back from your dream job any longer! Discover what BYU-Pathway can do for you and the doors it can open to new employment opportunities. Join the worldwide community of students looking to better themselves spiritually, academically, and professionally.

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BYU-Pathway provides students with necessary skills to progress professionally and academically.

Learn meaningful and marketable skills to improve your life! Visit to apply today!