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Certificate Spotlight: Web and Computer Programming

If the Lord could help Nephi build a ship, Noelia knew He could help her build a career

Noelia with her family
Noelia with her family.

Ten days after landing her new job, Noelia Cervera’s supervisor praised her impressive skillset. “I expect this kind of knowledge from someone who’s been working at least for two months,” her supervisor said.

Noelia applied for this job while studying through BYU-Pathway Worldwide , and she started working soon after earning her web frontend certificate, now called web and computer programming . She works from home in Argentina, where she lives with her husband and two children.

Jumping into technology

Learning about web development wasn’t a natural choice for Noelia. It was only through the advice of a friend from her mission that she jumped into the technology field. Despite Noelia’s doubts, she started the web frontend certificate. Though difficult, she found the program to be very rewarding.

“Web development is a great opportunity,” she said. “You can do it anywhere in the world. Programming languages are universal.”

And it’s true! Her employer is an international company, so Noelia gets to work primarily with people living in the Netherlands. Her proficient English skills, which she had the chance to practice while earning her certificate, help her communicate with coworkers and customers alike.

Noelia with her certificate
Noelia balances her family, school, and work life.

Earning a certificate through BYU-Pathway boosted Noelia’s confidence. “You have to be studying all the time because technology changes all the time,” she explained. Whenever she underestimates her abilities, she looks back at the work she did to earn a certificate. This milestone reminds her that she is capable of learning new things.

Blessings from challenges

As a mom taking online classes and balancing other responsibilities, Noelia had a lot on her plate. Often, she would wake up at 6:00 a.m. to do her coursework. Finding balance between her responsibilities could be tricky. “I had to remember that when I was at home, to be at home, and when I was studying, to be studying,” she said.

“If the Lord could do so many great things, why wouldn’t He be able to help me do this?”

Though there were challenges, Noelia knows her education will bring blessings — and not just professional advancement. “I like that my children saw me studying,” she said. “It might be good for them in the future to remember that I studied.” This echoes what Sister Melinda Ashton said at the inauguration dinner of President Ashton: “[Education] changes generations.” Noelia’s education can help her family now and in the future.

To any considering this certificate, she says, “My advice would be to not be scared by it.” She compared her certificate to the Book of Mormon's account of Nephi building a ship. Even though his brothers doubted him, Nephi trusted that God can help us do great things. 1 Noelia believes the same is true for any area in education. “If the Lord could do so many great things, why wouldn’t He be able to help me do this?” she asks. With her certificate, Noelia has learned to trust in the Lord’s strength and timing.