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3 Benefits When You Earn a Certificate

BYU-Pathway’s certificate-first approach helps students receive the benefits of education before receiving their degree


Does the long road to a bachelor’s degree ever feel intimidating? Even though it may appear like a long journey, working toward a degree is worth it! And the best news is, you don’t have to wait until the end to be rewarded for your hard work. Through BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s certificate-first approach, you can earn three certificates and an associate degree on your way to a bachelor’s degree — all for the same time and cost as a single degree.

Standard four-year bachelor’s degrees in the United States typically cost anywhere between $15,000 and $450,000! 1
Tad Walch, “A private college degree for less than $9,000,” Deseret News, Aug. 19, 2019
Unfortunately, many students take breaks or drop out, leaving them with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and nothing to show for their efforts.

BYU-Pathway Worldwide overcomes these issues by helping students achieve milestones along the way through certificates, and all at a low cost — students can earn a bachelor’s degree for less than $9,000! Plus, students are also eligible to get 10–50% off their tuition after applying. With more than 40 certificate and degree options, students can customize their degree to fit their needs. Here are just three of the many benefits certificates can offer!

Time: Get a better job faster

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By earning certificates, you gain employable skills which can help you get a job or promotion before even finishing your degree! Each certificate takes a year or less to complete, and 72% of students seeking employment say they received immediate job improvement after finishing their first certificate.

BYU-Pathway’s certificates were specifically chosen and designed to help students gain skills that would help them in high-demand careers.

One information systems certificate student said, “The biggest reason I got the certificate was to show progress toward my degree within my resume. Showing that progress helped me get an internship and a better job.”

Purpose: Every certificate course counts toward a degree

Perhaps one of the best things about BYU-Pathway’s certificate-first approach is that no credits are wasted. All courses have a purpose and build toward either a certificate or degree!

On average, an undergraduate student in the United States graduates after taking 135 credits — that’s 15 more credits than necessary! In contrast, BYU-Pathway’s certificate-first approach helps students graduate as soon as possible. No course credit is ever wasted. This motivates students to continue toward their bachelor’s degree.

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Money: Certificates do not cost extra

Earning a certificate on your way to a degree requires no extra cost or time, because all certificate courses count toward a bachelor’s degree. So, at a low cost per credit, not only will you receive a bachelor’s degree, but you’ll earn three certificates. We even toss in an associate degree too!

James Clarke, a graduated software engineering student, said, “My certificate gave me the confidence to perform specific programming skills I needed in my work. They also provided important milestones to keep me motivated to continue my efforts to the next level.” James’ confidence increased, and he was able to see immediate improvement in his work by completing just one programming certificate.

Certificates help you gain the skills you need to progress toward your dream goals. Learn more about certificate options available through BYU-Pathway Worldwide at , and get started today!