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A Talent Pool Unlike Any Other

Employers are discovering that BYU-Pathway students bring dedication, skills, and light needed in the workplace

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There is no doubt that these students have the intellect, hunger, curiosity, and grit to be able to do excellent work.
James Fletcher, Ethos Investment Management, employer

Abiola Aminu returned to Nigeria from his mission with many new skills but very little opportunity. While he knew he needed an education, he also had to work full time simply to afford the necessities of life. “I had to work hard to clothe myself, pay for rent, and feed myself,” he said.

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In Nigeria, universities require difficult entrance exams. Abiola added, “And even when you finish school, you are not so sure that you are going to get a job. If you get a job, you’re not sure if it’s going to be profitable.”

Abiola’s experience is not unique. More than 60% of BYU-Pathway Worldwide students live in areas with poorly functioning labor markets and a lack of employment opportunities.

To overcome these challenges, BYU-Pathway builds relationships with companies to connect students with local and remote jobs that offer a sustainable living wage so they can support a family and serve in the Church. The flexible, online work experience — combined with the skills they learn in their courses — helps students support themselves and their families as they continue their education.

Abiola enrolled in BYU-Pathway and was notified shortly after about a remote work opportunity with Ethos Investment Management, a company in Salt Lake City that invests in emerging markets in developing countries. He accepted immediately.

“U.S.-based companies carry a strong reputation for excellence, innovation, and high standards,” he said. “Being associated can add considerable weight to my resume and differentiate me from other applicants.”

BYU-Pathway’s mutually beneficial solution

By the end of 2023, more than 3,000 BYU-Pathway students had remote jobs at various companies, including Amazon, Elevation, Graphite, IBM, Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Seis Bank. These opportunities give students a chance to succeed even in difficult local labor markets, while also helping them apply their education in a real-world setting.

Abiola Aminu
Abiola Aminu

As a financial analyst for Ethos, Abiola evaluated companies for future investments by reviewing their financial statements, stocks, and management practices. Even though collaborating with a global team was challenging at times, the skills Abiola gained while studying business through BYU-Pathway helped prepare him. His hard work drove both his team and the company to success.

But these partnerships aren’t only about providing job opportunities for students; employers are finding that BYU-Pathway students are often the missing piece their companies need.

A unique perspective and an intellectual hunger

For Ethos, hiring 45 BYU-Pathway students from Africa, Asia, and Latin America gave the company the perspective needed to succeed in a global economy. After just 10 weeks, the students presented their analysis to management and five other leading investment fund managers.

Company founder James Fletcher said, “We were blown away with the quality of work that was done by the BYU-Pathway students. I received positive feedback across the board. In most cases, their analysis was on par with, if not better than, the MBA students we traditionally hire.”

So what makes BYU-Pathway students shine? While their challenging life experiences might cause some employers to question their eligibility, it’s often those very experiences that make them more qualified.

BYU-Pathway offers hope for a better future.
Abiola Aminu

“We provided a lot of their training,” James said, “but what we can’t replicate is that passion, hunger, and on-the-ground cultural knowledge they had.”

The experience was so positive that Ethos plans to hire more students, contributing to BYU-Pathway’s goal to connect all international students seeking work to job opportunities. Students are eager to use the skills they’re learning — all they need is employers to believe in their potential and give them the opportunity.

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