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Meet Our Graduates!


Benjamin Birch - Texas, USA

Benjamin Birch_Texas, USA (saturated).png

I thought I was too old and busy to go back to school. When I started BYU-Pathway , it was really impactful realizing it wasn’t too late . I wanted my kids to have that example, to know that their dad did it so they could do it too. It’s impacted my family in a very positive way.

I’ve been able to see Heavenly Father in my life. Everything — the start, how it all came about — was super inspiring. It built my testimony. I’m a little hard on myself, and Heavenly Father knew I needed to learn that I’m not alone. It was rewarding to be able to learn and overcome challenges together with my peers. BYU-Pathway is inspired from start to finish.


Esther Ezimadu - Nigeria

Before my mission, I was working 12 hours a day in a fashion house making less than 20,000 naira ($12.54 USD) a month. When I came home, I didn’t have money or a job. My bishop suggested I start BYU-Pathway, which I saw as a temporary option. Looking back, I am grateful the bigger plan was BYU-Pathway.

Within the first year, my salary doubled. Now, as a graduate, junior web developer, and freelancer, I go into work once a week and make six figures a month. BYU-Pathway was the answer I kept praying for and needed.

Leo Jr. Arrieta - Philippines


Even though I had a job with a high salary without a degree, I felt strongly I needed to start BYU-Pathway but didn't know why. After a few courses, I did not continue, the pandemic came, and I lost my job. When my wife and I got sick, we couldn't work and lost our savings.

I remember when Nephi broke his bow and asked God where to find food. I knew I needed to do the same thing and work for the blessings. So I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked how I could become a better provider. I heard the Holy Ghost say so clearly, "BYU-Pathway." I then realized why I'd felt the need to join BYU-Pathway, so I re-enrolled and am now graduated.

The Lord helped with our daily needs. He helped me increase my knowledge and become a better provider for my family.

Haustia Ballam - Brazil

Haustia Ballam

As a new member of the Church, I wanted to learn English and more about the gospel. EnglishConnect was a ticket to do both. When I left the first gathering, I was so happy. With a lot of hard work, prayer, and faith, I overcame my shyness and fear. I made lifelong friends, helped others, and gained confidence.

After EnglishConnect, I continued to BYU-Pathway. I liked studying online because it’s very flexible. My education has opened doors to many job opportunities. I’m very grateful because graduating is something I really wanted to achieve in my life.