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Everywhere the Church is Organized

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BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides access to affordable higher education in 145 countries and all 50 U.S. states. And since April 2017, when PathwayConnect opened in India and Japan, BYU-Pathway Worldwide has been available in all 21 areas of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


“BYU-Pathway significantly improved my English … and I noticed a change in my attitude, vision, daily commitment, and family relationships.”

Angelo M. | Italy, Bachelor’s in Business Management


“BYU-Pathway students are from different corners of the world, but we share the same desire. My testimony has been strengthened.”

Puje N . | Mongolia, PathwayConnect Completer


“PathwayConnect helps me enhance my skills and value education more. It’s a great blessing for me to have this kind of program.”

Karen B. | Philippines, PathwayConnect Student


“BYU-Pathway has helped me grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically. I’ve learned how to be a leader and have direction.”

Dane W. | USA, BYU-Idaho Online-degree Student


“BYU-Pathway helped to repurpose my pattern in learning. ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough to express how grateful and overjoyed I am.”

Eloise T. | Brazil, Bachelor’s in Public Health


“BYU-Pathway has helped me have a much brighter future. It is a strong foundation for your career and spiritual growth.”

Malvin K. | South Africa, BYU-Idaho Online-degree Student


“Because of BYU-Pathway, I have hope knowing the future is bright and I can achieve any goal I set my mind to.”

Krissel C. | Mexico, PathwayConnect Completer


“I know that opportunities will come. I am so grateful for what PathwayConnect has done in my heart, mind, and soul.”

Omar C. | Ecuador,PathwayConnect Completer


“It’s a privilege for me to be able to do PathwayConnect. It feels like another chance for me to refocus on what I want to do in life and to find my purpose.”

Jacelen M. | Australia, PathwayConnect Student

Partnerships Make It Possible

How can BYU-Pathway serve so many students in so many countries? It’s thanks to several key partnerships with other Church organizations, including Welfare & Self-Reliance, the Missionary Department, and Seminaries and Institutes. Team members from these great organizations help BYU-Pathway to scale in order to bless many more people.

Welfare and Self-Reliance

Welfare and Self-Reliance helps BYU-Pathway extend its reach and work more closely with local priesthood leadership, as well as help students to become more temporally and spiritually self-reliant.

“We have 13 BYU-Pathway area managers and, acting alone, we can’t reach millions of people,” said John Wilson, BYU-Pathway area director for the United States and Canada. “That is why the partnership with Welfare and Self-Reliance is so essential. They are already integrated into the fabric of the Church and can represent us, support the work, and train leaders about this vital resource.”

Missionary Department

service missionary couple
Service missionaries throughout the world support students and facilitate PathwayConnect gatherings.

Service missionaries throughout the world support students by facilitating weekly PathwayConnect gatherings, assisting recruitment efforts, and visiting students in their homes.

“The missionaries have a very tight, close connection to the students,” said Erik Hjorten, missionary services manager for BYU-Pathway. “They absolutely love them — not because they’re paid to, but because they have an absolute love for our Savior Jesus Christ.”

The Missionary Department also sends emails to young returning missionaries, on behalf of BYU-Pathway, informing them of their preapproval for admission to PathwayConnect . In 2019 alone, this effort has helped provide hundreds of returned missionaries with access to affordable higher education and an easier transition from mission life.

Seminaries and Institutes

BYU-Pathway also partners with Seminaries and Institutes to provide weekly institute courses for PathwayConnect students and buildings for them to gather in. PathwayConnect gives students the opportunity to earn an education in a gospel-centered learning environment as they build lifelong friendships and deepen their testimonies of Jesus Christ. Seminaries and Institutes helps make that special learning environment possible.

Gloria Cornelio — Reaching Big Goals


Gloria Cornelio

These partnerships enable BYU-Pathway to reach more students worldwide, like Gloria Cornelio from Lima, Peru.

When Gloria lost her scholarship to a local university after taking time off to serve a mission, she didn’t know how she could pay for an education.

Gloria heard that PathwayConnect was opening in Peru and knew it was an answer to her prayers. She excitedly enrolled and completed the program in 2011. After PathwayConnect, she entered a BYU-Idaho online degree program and graduated in April 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in business management.

“Zion is wherever you are, right?” Gloria said. “We don’t need to travel to have the classes that we need. This is available here, and we need to take advantage of this opportunity.”

Gloria now works for Welfare and Self-Reliance, overseeing programs in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. She is also a service missionary for PathwayConnect in Peru, giving back to the organization and programs that helped her.

“BYU-Pathway is a blessing for everybody in the world,” Gloria said. “It allowed me to be a better person and disciple of Jesus Christ. It helps you develop many skills and realize who you are and your potential.”