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3 Ways to Enhance your Gatherings

By following these three simple tips, your gatherings and group work can become more meaningful to you


Work, university courses, family councils and other scenarios have one thing in common: group work. Group work doesn’t end once you get your certificate or degree; it’s something that you will need to participate in for the rest of your life. So how can you make your group work more meaningful?

When each member strives to create an effective and positive environment, the groups you participate in will run more smoothly and every participant can have a better experience.

Here are three things you can do to enhance your group experience.

1. Bear one another’s burdens

“Bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light… and comfort those that stand in need of comfort…” 1

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we should strive to support each other in our righteous efforts. Someone in your group may deal with symptoms of depression or anxiety, struggle to understand a concept, or feel overwhelmed with his or her responsibilities.

You can show your support by assisting others with their homework, sending positive feedback through a discussion board reply, or by being a supportive friend.

Woman Talking
You can show your support to group members by reaching out and being their friend.

2. Empathize with others

“Empathy is looking on the heart — a deep understanding of the feelings of others.” 2
2. Elaine Walton, “Empathy and the Pure Love of Christ,” BYU Devotional, July 30, 2002.

By showing empathy, you are willing to put aside selfish desires and see the world from another’s perspective. Regardless of your strengths and weaknesses, try to look to others with an open and understanding heart. Focusing on others’ abilities can strengthen the group dynamic and you will be able to progress together.

Practice empathy by taking time to understand and relate to others. Be slow to judge and quick to love. If you strive to live these principles, you will begin to feel Christlike life for every member in your gathering or discussion group.

Group Meeting
“Focusing on others’ abilities can strengthen the group dynamic and you will be able to progress together.”

3. Come prepared and ready to share

“Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself…” 3

Being prepared is the first step of the BYU-Idaho Learning Model and, perhaps, one of the most important steps you can take to enhance a group project. When you are prepared for a gathering or meeting and are ready to listen, you will be prepared to receive greater insights than your would otherwise.

Reading the lesson, completing homework, bringing materials, and praying before attending a gathering can help you feel prepared to learn from and teach one another.

When you come prepared and ready to learn, the Spirit can sustain you in your learning and you’ll better benefit your group.

Find joy and purpose in your group work

Group work doesn’t have to be dull. By bearing one another’s burdens, showing empathy, and coming prepared, you will find joy and purpose in your group work. If you invest yourself and apply these principles, you will come to understand the importance and eternal benefits of teaching one another.

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