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Popcorn Friday: A Pathway Tradition

Theatre-style popcorn keeps employees happy

Aretha Pedely, a Pathway Missionary Support employee from New Delhi, India, enjoys popcorn Fridays.

Every Friday morning around 11 a.m., the smell of buttery popcorn fills the halls of the Pathway Home Office in Rexburg, Idaho. Soon, employees throughout the building are gathering in a small room on the second floor, following the delicious aroma.

Cindy Perdue, Pathway’s enrollment specialist, remembers how the “Popcorn Friday” tradition began — bringing joy and fun to Pathway employees at the end of the work week.

“Several years ago there had been three or four instances of someone burning their popcorn in a microwave. The whole building smelled awful. And on one instance, fire alarms went off, and the whole Pathway office building had to be evacuated. J.D. Griffith, our managing director, felt that it was probably time to ban microwave popcorn, but he still wanted all of us to have a way to enjoy it! So, he decided to buy a popcorn machine and now every Friday is ‘Popcorn Friday.’”

Cindy Perdue

It’s a tradition that has now endured for years.

Popcorn Fridays are a fun way for employees to interact with one another. Sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to relax and chat in an easygoing environment.

Paityn Glass, a student employee in Pathway Support, said, “Pathway is poppin’ on Fridays! The popcorn is great because we get hungry, and it’s a fun way to start off the weekend!”

What fun traditions do you enjoy in your family or workplace?