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In A Spirit of Brotherly and Sisterly Love

Sacrifice and love led to reaching a common goal for a gathering in Australia


Since its beginning in 2009, PathwayConnect has provided opportunities for students across the world to minister to one another and become one in purpose. This unity has been seen throughout the 400+ PathwayConnect locations , and the Australia Gold Coast gathering is no exception.

Unity in a diverse gathering

As the Winter Semester 2018 came to a close, the 14 members of the Gold Coast PathwayConnect group earned excellent grades, but more importantly, they developed a Christlike love for each other and a deeper appreciation of ministering.

Throughout the semesters, these students brought unique elements to the group that made every Thursday night gathering and institute class a special experience. Their ages range from 20–70 years old, one student is enrolled in the Language-version of the program, and they represent four countries: Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, and the Cook Islands. These students quickly became a family.

“Since the first semester, our motto has been to ‘leave no one behind,’ and that commitment was reinforced during our second semester as we each sacrificed time to tutor one another and help each other succeed,” said Jared Matthews, a Gold Coast PathwayConnect student. “In PathwayConnect, you get at least equal to the efforts you put into it.”

pathway students
“In PathwayConnect, you get at least equal to the efforts you put into it.”

Together, the gathering left no one behind

Gold Coast service missionaries
Gold Coast service missionaries assigned to BYU-Pathway, Elder and Sister Schwenke

Throughout the semester, the students often met outside of their weekly gatherings to go over homework and help each other earn the best grades possible. The accomplishment of all 14 students completing these semesters together is greatly attributed to the love and encouragement they shared with one another.

“As I have participated in this course and become more involved in helping others, I have grown to appreciate and love my fellow students,” Moses Leupolu said. “I realize how important each of us is to one another when we work together and live in a way that allows the Holy Ghost to teach and guide us in all things.”

Like Moses, each of the students witnessed the empowering support and guidance from the Spirit as they took the time to minister one to another and put the Lord first.

No one’s efforts are left unseen

This spirit they witnessed helped produce a spirit of brotherly kindness in their gathering — a spirit that, if the group allows, can influence their gathering to produce immeasurable blessings.

“We are a family,” Georgina Morgan explained. “We gather united in a spirit of oneness, determined that no one gets left behind. We laugh together, sing together, cry together, eat together, and share our innermost thoughts and feelings. Our own unique personal experiences have enriched and fortified one another. In a spirit of brotherly and sisterly love, we have reached beyond ourselves to ensure we cross the finish line together.”

As the Australia Gold Coast gathering is just one in hundreds of PathwayConnect locations, BYU-Pathway employees acknowledge the efforts and support practiced by every student around the world.

We encourage all students to continue to lift each other and “bear one another’s burdens.” 1 As students practice these principles and acts of charity, they will see blessings in their lives and, just as the Gold Coast group has witnessed, no one will be left behind.
group of pathway students
“In a spirit of brotherly and sisterly love, we have reached beyond ourselves to ensure we cross the finish line together.”

Gatherings are a crucial part of the PathwayConnect curriculum and learning model. Learn more about gatherings at .