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PathwayConnect Made Me a Better Parent

These four principles can help you bring Christlike attributes into your home

Pathway - Elizabeth Cameron

Most parents want the best for their children. Gaining a higher education for themselves is one way parents can do this. If fathers and mothers take the time to further their education, they can be a better mentor, example, and friend to their children.

PathwayConnect is a great way for parents to continue their education while still having time for their family. Principles of discipleship, time management, teaching one another, and being a good example are just some of the attributes PathwayConnect can help students develop.

Let’s take a deeper look at these Christlike attributes:

1. Creating a Christ-centered home

Because the PathwayConnect curriculum is gospel-based, individuals have the opportunity to strengthen their testimonies of Jesus Christ and bring the Spirit into their homes. Sarah Prete participated in PathwayConnect with her husband in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She saw the spiritual benefits in their home soon after they began the courses.

“Everyone in our family has grown spiritually, and I know it’s because of the focus PathwayConnect has on the Lord. Our kids have seen what a huge sacrifice their father has made to continue his education. It has really strengthened our family a lot.”

As mothers and fathers share spiritual lessons with their children and act on the teachings they have discussed in their gatherings, they will see an increase of Christlike love in their home and family.

family in a church
Jeremy and Sarah Prete learned the importance of having a Christ-centered home and making time for their children during their time in PathwayConnect.

2. Learning how to teach

Students in PathwayConnect have the unique opportunity to lead one another in their gatherings. These experiences can help students take those practices home as they teach their children. Amber Thompson , a PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho alumni, saw her ability to teach her children increase during PathwayConnect.

“My older kids were very supportive, and a lot of the math that I was doing was the same math that my children were doing. As we compared notes, we would teach each other how to solve the problems.”

No matter what the lesson is, these teaching practices can allow students to better help their children with homework and other problem-solving opportunities.

dad helping his son with homework
“As parents take time to become learners, they will become better teachers for their children.”

3. Prioritizing family time

Life is busy, and it is often hard to find the time to take care of children's needs. In PathwayConnect courses, some of the first lessons discuss the importance of time management. Jeremy Prete, a former PathwayConnect and BYU-Idaho student in Canada, shared his experience.

“Thanks to my studies in PathwayConnect, I made it a priority to spend quality time with my children every day. I was able to set aside three hours every day as my ‘kid time,’ and once they would start getting ready for bed, I would start on my studies. It strengthened our family so much.”

When students take time management seriously, they have the opportunity to plan out their day in a way that will help them be a more available and effective parent.

mom, dad, and daughter looking at computer happily
You can be a more available and effective parent as you manage your time wisely.

4. Becoming a righteous example

Children look up to their parents every minute of every day. They see how their parents eat, dress, and talk — they especially see their parents’ efforts in education and discipleship. Being a righteous example to children can strengthen home and family in positive ways. As a single mother to a teenager, Annette Carson was grateful for the chance she had to be an example of continuing her education through PathwayConnect.

“I want to be a good example for my daughter. I want her to look at me as a role model of someone who has followed God’s plan even when it has been hard.”

Students can and should reflect on what kind of parents and role models they want to be or become for their children. With the help of the Lord, anything is possible.

family sitting on a couch reading the book of mormon
“Being a righteous example to children can strengthen home and family in positive ways.”

A worthwhile journey

As students practice principles of discipleship, time management, teaching one another, and being a good example, they can impact their family for the better.

Pursuing an education can help students become the parents they wish to become and be the role model they feel their children need. While neither the road of education nor parenting are easy, with patience and perseverance, the journey is worthwhile.

Who doesn't want to be a better parent, right? PathwayConnect can help you get there. Apply today at .